Saturday, 14 January 2017

Afrikanist blog; The Small Redemption of Africa.

So I decided to start a Blog that talks about among many other things Africanism and the Black Race. I often make the Mistake to think that issues that are Obvious to me are as Obvious to other people in the Society but I have been proved times without number to be wrong.  So I stopped making Assumptions because it can be costly. Issues concerning Hair, Education, the Female gender, Marriage, Culture and Sex are just priority on the List.
Am not interested in portraying Africa Positively but Truely and Honestly. But really Africa is not a Country (people often make this Mistake), but it's a Continent. It's not a Continent where people fight Senseless War and die of Diseases,  its much of a Continent just like Europe.
Am very much interested in African Women but not as a 'Charity' case or as a Case of giving Women Grinding machines & Sewing machines so as to make them feel Cool. No! If not for Anything it should be a Case of Financial Feminism 2017. More Women should participate in Politics and it shouldn't be a Sympathetic Positions like 'assistant vice president'. Women actually can be stronger than the way the world expect them to be. We will talk about that more & please don't be jumpy whenever you hear the word 'feminism', it's really not a bad word.
Over the course am never going to be Apologetic about my Igbo. The full Humanity of the African Race is my priority. Culture is the way of life of a group of people. People make Culture and Culture does make people so get ready to unlearn some of the 'culture' you've internalised.
Thanks. Ogadiligima.

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